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KMF Kunstsoff - Metall - Formteile GMBH

Postweg 34-40

D- 73441 Bopfingen



Phone 07362 / 7001
Fax 07362 / 7007


7.42 Mb1Open Pdf Slim-Split-Bearing
3.27 Mb2Open Pdf Wire ball bearings
12.47 Mb3Open Pdf Ball bearing cages
15.14 Mb4Open Pdf Radial - and axial needle roller and cage assemblies Axial bearing washers
9.95 Mb5Open Pdf Linear ball cages
4.78 Mb6Open Pdf Wire ball bearings DKL 100 E
1.07 Mb7Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXS
1.40 Mb8Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXU
1.24 Mb9Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXA
1.25 Mb10Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXC
1.34 Mb11Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXD
1.33 Mb12Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBSD
1.25 Mb13Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBCD
1.27 Mb14Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBXCD
1.27 Mb15Open Pdf thin ring bearing PBCXD
1.23 Mb16Open Pdf whisper thin ring bearing PFXC
1.30 Mb17Open Pdf whisper thin ring bearing PFXD
1.28 Mb18Open Pdf sleeve whisper thin ring bearing HFXD
1.27 Mb19Open Pdf axial-ball thrust bearing PBAU
1.28 Mb20Open Pdf axial-ball thrust bearing PBAA
1.24 Mb21Open Pdf axial-ball thrust bearing PBAC
1.07 Mb22Open Pdf axial-ball thrust bearing PBAD
1.27 Mb23Open Pdf axial-whisper-ball thrust bearing PFAC
1.27 Mb24Open Pdf axial-whisper-ball thrust bearing PFAD
1.30 Mb25Open Pdf Crossed roller bearing PSX-08
1.20 Mb26Open Pdf Angular roller bearing PSR-08
669 Kb27Open Pdf Axial-angular roller bearing PSA-08
1.21 Mb28Open Pdf Slewing Bearing YKT
1.21 Mb29Open Pdf Slewing Bearing YKTI
1.21 Mb30Open Pdf Slewing Bearing YKTA
812 Kb31Open Pdf Slewing Bearing PXU
809 Kb32Open Pdf Slewing Bearing PXI
814 Kb33Open Pdf Slewing Bearing PXA
3.29 Mb34Open Pdf Important notices for all types of bearings